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Friday Fabulous Flowers - Reliables

OK it's a bright shiny new year 2017, so TPP wants to start out on the right note with a FFF posting that is only 2 days late.  For long time readers, sorry, we're revisiting some old favorites.  At any rate several of our long time tropical plants, ones that summer outside, tend to flower right around New Years, perhaps in response to the long nights.  They tend to be very cheerful and welcome additions to our holidays and some of these plants have been flowering for us every year for a couple of decades, or even more. 
The absolute best one is a bromeliad commonly called the Queen's tears. It's just so exotic.  It's been a FFF more than once, here and here. It displays such a unique combination of colors and in particular the green petals with a blue edge. They don't last long so you just have to enjoy them when they are present.
Another very cheerful winter flowering plant is an epiphytic tropical cactus.  And it's been a FFF before too.  The plant is quite large now and several hundred of these 1 cm long gold-yellow flowers is quite a display. This poor plant got savaged by some of our tree rats 2 years ago, but has quite recovered now. This is such an easy plant to grow, but while in a hanging pot, it's too heavy now for a ceiling hook, even a well secured one.   

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