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Vegan Turkey?

Here's a turkey TPP had never seen the likes of before.  The image that came to mind was the Far Side cartoon showing lions that had brought down a tofudabeast and discovering it wasn't quite the same as other prey.  This turkey may well be vegan, but it wasn't actually intended to substitute for the real thing, probably, although some of the younger dinner guests would have preferred it.  This turkey did have a certain eye appear for some.  Mostly TPP's teeth started to hurt just thinking about eating it.  For many readers this is probably a familiar confection although not usually so fowlly molded.  For those of you from other cultures the primary material is a breakfast cereal called Rice Crispies (Rice Bubbles down under) glued together largely with sugar, and of course the stuffing consisted of M&Ms (chocolate in a sugar shell that melts in your mouth not in your hand), and peanut butter cups in the foil wrappers because they will melt in your hand (chocolate covered peanut butter is a strangely appealing combination).  At any rate it was quite a creative visual spectacle if not a culinary treat. Oh, those vegans, so healthy.

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