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Black is purrfect

Today is National Black Cat Day.  Who knew?  Our kitty-girls didn't seem to know or notice anything different. Typical enough morning; wake up the lazy people so we can getz our breakfasts. Then find a nice place for a couple of hour nap.  It's tough being a house cat.  So much responsibility. Unfortunately some people are still scared or worried about black cats and as a result they are the least likely to be adopted, and the most likely to be abandoned.  Ours have been displaying their mouser abilities of late, but since killing prey is a learned behavior, our cats mostly serve as a warning system because after they exhaust their toys (or mice have learned to play dead), their toys catch their breath,  zip away and escape (and we set a conventional mouse trap in a paw free zone). At any rate nothing sinister about these cats especially the dynamo shown above (who hides a bit of white on her how-dare-you-touch-my-belly); previously it was a succession of gray tigers.  So maybe you'll get lucky today and a black cat will cross your path.

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