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A rare November oneth

Today is a warm (mid-70s) breezy fall day with lots of fall color around.  It may be warm enough to set a new high temp record. TPP was feeling so good he voted, early, but not often, and not certain that the electronic ballot disappearing into the electoral void was altogether satisfying. However it was one of those nice days to be on a university campus. The diversity of wardrobe being sported around campus was impressive, some leftovers from the night before (Halloween), many clearly aseasonal cosumes (very summery), many over dressed expecting a cooler day.  People were handing out battle of the bands fliers (no thank you; I outgrew them.), a fund-raising booth where you could push a whipped cream pie into the face of the candidate of your choice (all the lines looked pretty busy), a booth providing health/contraception advice, and an ancient hippy holding a sign saying "Cannabis cures cancer".  Strangely no religion or politics being offered, but otherwise a totally normal day. 

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