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Holiday here in Cubsland

According to Bill Murray today, actually yesterday because the game did end before midnight, is officially a holiday, the day the Chitown Cubs won the world series after 108 years of frustration!  Now please do not get snippy about the "world" thingy, if your country has a baseball team then send them over and we'll see how it goes.  Actually with normalized relations with Cuba becoming likely, there may be another country that could be a contender.  It was an amazing game the 7th game of a series tied 3 to 3, and this only after the Cubs were down 3 games to 1.  Baseball can be a bore, a snooze, but in games like this when a lot is on the line, they become very tense affairs where every little action can affect the outcome.  This game was tied at the end of the regulation 9 innings, so they continue playing because baseball has no time limit. But some rain delayed play for only about 20 mins., but at 11 pm TPP didn't know that. In the 1st extra inning the Cubs scored 2 more runs and the Indians answered only with 1 run, so the game ended. The Indians did win a consolation prize: they inherited the title of team with the longest streak without a world series title (68 years). TPP brings you this information in case you have been living in a cave somewhere. So fans celebrated into the wee hours (bars generally close at 2 am).  Thank you Bill the day off will be appreciated.

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