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Does everyone have their own facts?

TPP is not a great fan of Hillary, but the FBI's non-gate email non-revelation has actually made me feel considerable sympathy for the woman.  The right wing has hounded this woman for decades, bored us to death with endless hearings about emails, Benghazi, and everything but the real ingredients in Cheese-whiz. And it sounds as though Congress will keep obstructing her should she win the presidency, as they did with Obama, but worse.  Basically a witch-hunt that has kept coming up empty-handed; and now allowing for one more Trumped-up accusation, an investigation of emails that she didn't send and didn't receive, all derived from a who-cares investigation of a known pervert, former congress critter who used to be married to a decent woman who works for HRC (see the logical thread?).  Of course the revelation was timed to do the most harm to HRC electorally especially when facts that will be presented come from an alternative reality.  It has taken awhile to understand that when T-rump says he always tells the truth, it's from the perspective of his own reality where what he wants to happen happens even if only in his own mind.  Worst it allows him to campaign negatively with nary a word about policy or how he will accomplish our greatness.  But trust him. The word delusional comes to mind, and it does not seem to be a quality that is becoming in a presidential wannabe.  TPP shivers to contemplate such a thing as T-rump creating his own reality with the power of the presidency, and even with all his baggage T-rump is coming way too close as it is, and to date none of his supporters has uttered a single good reason for their support. Some woman on talk radio said she wouldn't feel safe if HRC were to become president?  OK this is ruining a very nice day.  If you are reading this from outside the USA lucky you. 


Chris Wolfe said...

Most of the rest of the world is stuck waiting to find out if the US nuclear arsenal will fall under the control of a man who thinks we should use it. Unlike the locals, they don't have a vote in the matter. Watching a disaster in slow motion, powerless to intervene, will leave a lasting mark on this generation if he wins.

A lot of the left wanted senator Sanders as a candidate. Hard to imagine a person more committed to the people and less likely to be hiding a scandal (real or imagined) than him. We came close, but in the end the familiar choice won. Now we have to make sure our country chooses sanity over fear and hate.

Vote. Anyone reading this who is able, vote this year.

The Phytophactor said...

Couldn't agree more. Dangerously incompetent. Hopefully sanity will prevail, but even in losing this Loser will damage the country by under cutting the legitimacy of the winner.