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Not quite so simple

Changing your connectivity to the world is never as simple or straight forward as the reassuring customer reps make it out to be.  Yes, the old service had gotten way beyond being cutely annoying, and the whole thing sounded and seemed so easy.  The installer was a nice young fellow who worked hard to straighten out an old house, old system, "what-were-they-thinking?" situation, but then you discover that you had purchased a wifi router that you did not need.  Our account was quickly credited without any hassle. But this AM our plumber called us back about a small job, and told us just how hard he had worked to discover our new landline phone number.  Say what!? Now the primary reason for keeping the damned thing is that after having that phone number for 38 years, it rolls off the tongue pretty easily, and the number of people who know that number is quite large. So much for being assured we could keep the same phone number. It has changed. Have to ask the plumber how he found it, or maybe he's one of those other kind of plumbers too?  So now to spend the time needed to straighten this out, or maybe just ditch the landline. They won't be around much longer anyways.

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