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How does your garden grow?

One of the problems with having a big garden is that it is a hand full for some one to babysit any time the Phactors are away, especially if things are a bit dry.  Our trip to Savannah was just 10 and a half days long and yet it seemed we were absent for weeks. Several things are clear at this point, this year has been just about perfect for crab grass. It's luxuriant and it's everywhere. While commuting to work yesterday by bicycle, it was also clear that the giant ragweed crop will be monsterous. Beware if you suffer from its pollen.  Several new additions to the garden were in serious need of water, but it looks as if all will recover. As the F1 pointed out, "you guys plant so many things in so many places no one but you know where they all are".  She is quite right. And  even if you had a map then either carrying water around or dragging hoses becomes quite a chore.  She did get steamed crabs and Savannah beer.  May have to see about getting a garden sitter in the future, especially if we are going to be away for a longer period of time.  Even  after just 10 days the kitty-girls act as though they were over-fed and starved for attention. 
The kitchen garden delivered some cucumbers, some tomatoes, a not too big zucchini, and sweet peppers.  Eggplant may yet recover enough to provide more fruit. Soon the beans will be producing and time to plant fall lettuce and bok choi is approaching.
To be completely fair, the same weather that is producing the crab grass and ragweed has also produced a huge display of naked ladies (and here too), and we has us hundreds.

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