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How many botanists does it take to change a light bulb?

Clearly a theoretical question whose answer clearly depends upon where said light bulb is installed. In the case of our kitchen hood, the location of said light bulb, two of them actually, is a bit awkward. But TPP had no trouble with the light bulbs per se, Yes, each socket was at an opposite end of the fixture so even though you turned both bulbs the same way relative to the socket, the sockets were opposite each other.  Many of the less handy might have had trouble with this. But reinstalling the little glass cover on the fixture, was another matter. It must be held in place with one hand while the other holds the dinky little screw in place. While the third uses a screw driver to tighten the screw. And it's one of those where the hole in the fixture doesn't always match up directly with the threaded hole beneath because the cover can shift around.  All of this is done while bending down slightly and reaching up and back over the stove to greatly increase you manual dexterity. So naturally when the little screw fell, bounced, and fell to the floor behind the stove, TPP uttered a small curse, "you SYC"! That stands for "stinkin' yellow composite" for those of you unfamiliar with botanical curses.
This problem required removing all the cast iron cook wear from the below the oven drawer, so it could be removed.  And then hefting the stove out to its position wedged between two counters and over coming the revulsion of witnessing what had accumulated back there over the past decade or so. Curiously only one milk ring was there which means the other couple of hundred of them lost by the kitty girls playing with one of their favorite toys must be under the fridge. It'll get moved when the new fridge is delivered, a purchase not yet needed, but some year soon certainly.  
Unfortunately Mrs. Phactor was present to solemnize this episode of handiness. TPP would have solved the problem by retrieving the screw using duct tape on a stick (an approved handyman technique) and pushing the stove back into place using the old out-of-sight out-of-mind pragmatic solution. But nooOoh! Nothing would do but to clean up the accumulated grime because otherwise people might think the Phactors never clean behind their stove, a mostly correct conclusion. At least TPP was smart enough to replace the screw before returning the stove to its tight little niche least this whole thing repeat itself. 
In the sage words of Red Green, "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Also source of advice on the many uses of duct tape for those of you unfamiliar with said philosopher.  

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