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Friday Fabulous Flower - Scratch and sniff

The virtual aroma technology is still going to take some work, but imagine how popular cooking/food programs would be if it existed.  Mammal programs not so much.  Fragrant hostas are wonderful plants.  First they tend to flower when relatively few things are in flower, the flowers are huge (at 5-6" long the biggest for hosta), they are bright white and so show up well in late summer shade, and they smell wonderful.  No idea what the variety is; they all look pretty much alike and all are one way or another derived from Hosta plantaginea.  Hmm, with a long floral tube like that you suspect hawkmoth pollination.  Since it's been a wet summer with only brief periods of dry, they hostas look quite good with a large crop of flowers. One other plant flowers along with them, and maybe it's time to combine the two in a single bed, but you'll have to wait until next Friday to see what it is.

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