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Valentine's day doings

It's cold today, and getting colder, and with a stiff wind blowing so the wind chill factor is significant. The weather news people never make it clear whether they are reporting the wind chill factor or the apparent temperature with the wind chill factored in. Is the apparent temperature -13F or is the wind chill factor -13 degrees, in which case the apparent temperature is -2 F (11 F -13 degrees). At times you wonder if they know the difference themselves. Saturday morning errands occupied the morning: replenish wine supplies, stock up on groceries, get light bulbs, a new light fixture, and who knows what at a big box. You should know that TPP got Mrs. Phactor some dark chocolate passion fruit cream truffles. Yes, they (passion fruit) are her favorite, a lasting artifact of our time living in the tropics. Now she is busy making a quite magnificent Italian cream cake for a dinner party this evening. The frosting uses cream cheese and butter, which is then topped with chopped pecans (and yes, TPP chopped them this being the critical component). Now that the kitchen painting is completed replacing, or rearranging, many items has commenced, and with each change a domino effect takes place resulting in other changes. However, it does look better, and fresh. Drinking a nice Rogue mocha porter while blogging, and it is highly recommended, drinking while blogging. Now that was one too many things: beer, blogging, and black cat in lap, and while you can do any two of these three, you cannot do all three at once. Cat left to lick some cream cheese frosting from the cook's finger. And that's just all that's going on.

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