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Dang, not a "real expert" on evolution

Right Wing Watch reports that American Family Association governmental affairs director Sandy Rios...explained on her radio show today that, “science has done nothing but disprove the theory of evolution.” “There is no scientific evidence” to substantiate evolution, she said, at least according to “the real experts”.
Gee, TPP feels badly; he didn’t get that memo, and since he doesn't know about the disproof, he isn't a "real expert". How deflating. This is typical of the criticism of science and evolution. You just keep saying there isn’t any evidence over and over, and the gullible believe it. If you had the time, say 10 years or so, to show this woman all the evidence for evolution, it would not make an iota of difference. But to simply say that science has done nothing but disprove the theory of evolution is an astonishing assertion. It is correct in exactly one thing; science does operate by disproving, falsifying hypotheses. TPP knows because data has not been kind to a couple of his best ones. But evolution? Why just today, a published study showed that populations of a Rhododendron in Ireland had changed genetically relative to ancestral  populations in Spain, perhaps as an adaptation to local pollinators. And that's just in the first journal seen today. People like Rios are really quite pathetic because they don’t know what they don’t know, but still aren’t afraid to mouth off about it anyways.  

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