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Back pack with built-in stool

Every now and then you see an idea that is clearly a winner, and this looks like one to TPP.  Now of course the demographic TPP has in mind is 18-22 years old, and there might be 30-50 students of this age lounging on the floor along the hallway outside of this office waiting for the next class to start.  In their wisdom the university added only 5 benches along the hall, one for each classroom, but actually 4 of them are outside of a lecture hall that seats over 150 people. And they didn't do this until the building was 45 years old!  People space, not even a concept. Even when you're young and flexible, the floor is hard and uncomfortable, and these days, students just want to play with their phones to kill some time. So this bag that makes into a stool looks like a winner from my perspective.  You know this is a staged photo because this young lady doesn't have her nose touching the screen of her iphone.  Here's the link to the story and brand name as this blog doesn't endorse products, or accept advertising, or allow tacky popup ads. TPP hopes readers will show some appreciation for the purity of this approach. 

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