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Quiet fountain in a hosta bed

Here's another very charming feature in Mrs. Phactor's gardens. In a shady copse under a couple of huge sugar maple trees Mrs. Phactor has a large bed of big old hostas that surround a small fountain water feature that just dribbles water out of a blue and white glass bowl. So when the hostas are in flower, as they are right now in early July, the hosta-fountain combination makes for a lovely color-water-sound garden feature especially when a spot light of sun shines through a hole in the canopy. And of course there's the quiet music of dribbling water. It all has a very calming effect just beyond the patio area behind the house, a perfect place for early evening cocktail.


Anonymous said...

Solar? I guess not, given the tree canopy. Living off-line for 35 years has left me wishing for a fountain that made water music early and late. Still longing. Sigh.

The Phytophactor said...

Ah, sadly not solar, but probably should be. It's not impossible for such a small pump and enough sun is only a few yards away. Pump for the lily pond is another matter completely.