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Goodbye Florida; so long NOLA

A warming global climate will result in a sea level rise, period.  How much of a rise depends upon lots of variables.  But in many areas even a fraction of the potential rise will endanger really stupid shore-line development, and people just don't want to hear about it.  Unfortunately, the USA seems to have fewer and fewer politicians who are willing and able to take a longer view of any topic. When you have politicians claiming that scientific reports of global warming and sea level rise are frauds, conspiracies, cooked up for some nefarious scheme, well, then your elected officials have lost touch with reality, which is never a good thing. Now it remains a perfectly reasonable thing to debate what and how much should be done in terms of actions, but to deny that global warming is happening, or that since "dinosaurs survived climate changes" maybe we shouldn't do anything, is dangerous stuff, the actions of politicians who really do not have people's best interests in mind.  For those of you with a much longer view, perhaps this map can help you figure out where to invest to cash in on that high-priced shore front property in the future. 

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Here's a link to another article that says basically the same thing.