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Fundamentalists try to set those godless Unitarian-Universalist heathens straight

In a total and absolute reversal of the golden rule, a group of fundamentalist Christians (they come in other flavors) invaded a UU church, well known to be a “Synagogue of Satan", during a service to "witness" to that congregation of godless heathens that they were all bound for Christian hell (hell comes in other flavors too).  This is sort of sadly amusing.  Amusing because TPP can readily imagine the confusion and bewilderment such an intrusion would make upon a UU congregation.  Also amusing because TPP can also assure you that such a presentation of the gospel would make just a huge impression upon Unitarians; not!  And sad because the fundies would think just the opposite and congratulate themselves upon a job well done, even  bragging about it, without an inkling of how they had reinforced, and readily demonstrated, what about other religions had turned people to the UUs in the first place.  Well, done guys. You scored an own goal.    

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