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Foney Ph.D.'s - Maybe that's the problem

TPP has long noted that his university colleagues generally divide into useful, contributing colleagues or academic jerks at just about a 50:50 rate. Now here's a story about a report that more than half the PhDs obtained each year are phakes!  TPP had no idea foney degree mills were doing such a big business. But the premise that all owners of phake degrees are jerks may not necessarily be true. In all probability very few of those phoney PhDs are in botany because people usually buy themselves degrees to impress for business purposes, money purposes, in places where the degrees really aren't that necessary because degrees don't impress anybody very much in our business; it's what you've done to get the degree and afterwards that impresses, and research accomplishments are a lot harder to phake, and to buy, than degrees. So in all likelihood my jerky colleagues are just jerks with real PhDs. Over the years there have been a few job applicants whose degrees sounded a bit suspicious, institutions you've never ever heard of, working with somebody you've never heard of, and too bad all of their graduate records were destroyed in the great fire of '03, of the flood of '10, or my dog ate my diploma because it was made of real sheep skin. Sure. What do they think? That we're the college of business?

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