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Oh, no, she's back!

Conservatives' fascination with Sarah Palindrone is a puzzling phenomenon. TPP has never heard the woman say anything interesting, clear, or remotely profound. Her chatter consists of political sound bites strung together, as if anything intellectually deeper than a TV commercial is beyond her mental grasp.  Her sentences are a word-salad of phrases that literally make her a Palindrone, (someone who sounds just as dumb forward as backward), a term TPP coined just for her. Her recent plea to impeach the President is no exception. Let's see. Sarah said, "His [Obama’s] unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say, 'no mas.'" Now that's a pretty amazingly dumb sentence, so the bar is set pretty high (or is it low?).  Let's try it backwards: No mas, says the battered wife, that is the last straw, his [Obama’s] unsecured border crisis.  That is pretty amazing because in some weird way it makes more sense backwards than forwards!  Oh! The only way that could happen is that her brain is in backwards! Perhaps people could take up a collection, have it reversed, and dumber could become just dumb, although she probably will forever be confused about the left and the right (hands). Maybe then she wouldn't have for attention so hard to vie.     

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