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Springy things

It's about time that some springy things happened. A few clumps of snowdrops are now in flowering. Both early and standard crocus have begun flowering, which sort of belies the "early" concept, and the proof is right there, the bits of yellow petals left from the bunny breakfast. Scilla is also starting to flower, although full flowering will be a bit later when the thousands and thousands of them will turn the lawn blue. This is just great; Scilla is not liked by bunnies so naturally the number around would overwhelm, even satiate, those herbivores if only they liked them. Finally the witch hazel has flowered and the American filbert isn't far behind. The lily pond pump was turned on not so much for the cascade, but for the leaf skimmer to gather up all the leaves that are blowing in. Just like swallows returning to someplace, mallards return to our lily pond every spring. And weirdly enough, the mallards joined the squirrels and bunnies under the bird feeder. Well, it is a bird feeder. 


Anonymous said...

Oh wow I'm jealous! Nothing here except some forced Cornus mas and forsithia. But the red stems of Cornus are glowing and the alders are dangling their catkins. Bulbs are buried in snow. There's no doubt that the spring around chez Phytofactor is way advanced over spring at the little cabin perched on the edge of the Bay of Fundy.

The Phytophactor said...

Yes, but don't you have 3 months when the sledding isn't very good?