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Certified nutritional microscopist

Whaz that?  TPP knows more than a little bit about microscopes, but how do you get certified as a nutritional microscopist?  And by whom are you certified?  The nutritional part was puzzling as well, but apparently practioners of NM can look at your blood and figure out what nutritional changes are needed for you to maintain your health.  Apparently some CNM tend to push the boundaries a bit by diagnosing cancer and blood mould, and if that isn't enough, then they examine the iris of your eyes as opposed to adjusting the iris of their microscope.  A bit of internet investigation, a great deal of common sense, and a knowledge of biology, and an understanding of microscopy is actually way more than you need to know this is pure medical woo. A CNM diagnosis is a purely an imaginary concoction.  How do people fall for this stuff?  Oooo, you can see it on what is probably not much more than a student level microscope with a video camera. P. T. Barnum really knew what he was talking about when it comes to gullibility, but then he was only promoting entertainment.  This reminds TPP of the super high magnification microscopy, without any corresponding increase in resolution (and if that made no sense, then you don't understand microscopy at all) that allowed the "discovery" of orgone biogenesis. 


wingman said...

Ignorant generalising comments. It's common knowledge that blood cell analysis can determine much about the health of an individual including combating high levels of bacteria in the blood with probiotics, health of white blood cells, effect of free radicals on the blood cells, mineral absorption, liver and kidney efficiency, fat present etc ect the list goes on. It's certainly not woo woo if one in visiting someone competent in the field. I find it more woo woo when doctors prescribe tablets for what might essentially be life style or diet issues.

The Phytophactor said...

Still don't who or what certifies these "microscopists". This comment was published unedited and it just reeks of woo. You simply cannot observe free radicals, and the list goes on and on.