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A new Magnolia record!

Two new magnolias, a yellow-flowered butterflies hybrid and an anise magnolia (M. salicifolia) were both in flower for the first time.  The anise magnolia is 10-12 years old but was just a stick when obtained; now it's a substantial small tree and just getting mature. These joined our mainstays of the past few years: a saucer magnolia (M. x soulangiana), a star magnolia (M. stellata), and a tulip-flowered magnolia (M. liliiflora - 'Anne')(pictured).  So a new record - 5 magnolias in flower at the same time!  The anise and star are the earliest, and the butterflies and saucer are the latest, so they are at different stages, but overlapping. Our other magnolias are early summer flowering so this record is likely to stand for awhile, unless TPP buys some more magnolias.  Wonder when that special order will show up? 

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Anonymous said...

Dang! And not even a crocus here. This is May Day, but there's a tradition around these parts to celebrate June Day instead. 35 degrees F and a cold rain falling.