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Paul Ryan. Budget proposal. April 1st?

Oh, those funsters of the GnOPe!  All those cuts to social welfare programs and federal pensions; no one could seriously propose such a thing, so it's an April Fools joke!  Why if it's not, you'd get the idea that the GnOPe doesn't think people need any public assistance ever.  And certainly let's do away with Pell grants so that people who can't afford college will have one less way to better their position.  Why you'd think Ryan Paul (brother/cousin of Rand?) doesn't understand the cost-benefit analysis in terms of what helps the economy. Hint: tax cuts don't return enough to cover their costs, while unemployment benefits and food stamps generate 130% to 170% returns on money spent. Guess that's too many facts that would get in the way of his ideology. 

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