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Hello, this is the NRA

The NRA just called me on the phone. In their latest effort to scare gun owners into filling the NRA’s coffers the president of the NRA, or at least that’s who they said the whiny voice belonged to, is engaging in conspiracy theory scare-mongering. Now this just shows how desperate the NRA is because the Phactor is not someone who buys their interpretation of the 2nd amendment, although well-regulated militias are OK in my book. It’s hard to believe that the NRA is so desperate for donations that they are attempting to use the UN as their latest boogie woogie man. Is the NRA in favor of international weapons trading? Do they want Somali pirates to have the best armaments available? Actually, in all likelihood the NRA doesn’t care, but it’s their just their latest attempt to twist events to their own ends, scaring gun-owners into supporting their organization. Personally the Phactor supports hunters, and how the NRA interprets this UN treaty language to suggest this will result in the confiscation of your shotguns is puzzling. Now what really worries me is that someone dumb enough to believe this NRA fairy tale owns guns. Keep you money boys, the NRA is blowing smoke on this one.

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