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Dear Noelle, science is not for you

Noelle Nikpour just doesn't get science, so it's probably a good things she's in a field where looks go further than smarts. Here she is sounding like a complete dummy on the Daily Show where of course they do their best to help you along and she delivers the dumbth. Unfortunately for Noelle and other people who don't like science, and what science tells us, science just isn't fair or open to a popular vote. It's that tyranny of data thing, that dogged insistence that you must actually deal with what is known, so you can't just make it up as you go along to agree with your preconceived notions. How dare those scientists act like they actually know something and understand things that you don't understand! Scientists have data, evidence, and Noelle has a gut feeling it's all a scam! Well, the Phactor for one just passed his mandatory Lincolnland ethics training course, with honors! Well, perhaps given the source of the training, and our politicians' track records, you are not impressed, but it's just the wrong people taking the training. Nonetheless no one would like it better if science were just a scam because it would all be just so much easier. Where is all this scam money anyways? My lab needs some! The Phactor wants to sign up. Back to Noelle. Is she really that dumb, or is it an act, you know a scam, to make money? If so, based on her experience, scientists are acting the same way she is. You know, that's a testable hypothesis, and if true, then if someone offers Noelle enough money, she'll change her tune. It's a win-win situation except do we want Noelle on our side?

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Virginia Llorca said...

Do you realize how many people do NOT know that Science means 'knowing'? Most of them. You do not realize it because you already know it.

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