Field of Science

Field Work - Late October

Done, done, done, done at last! Well, except for picking up a hundred poles and gathering some more seed. Actually field work never ends, but you do sort of decide that the season should be over. While the weather failed to cooperate last week providing some very cold and wet weather, this weekend was wonderful except my talents were much in demand. Mrs. Phactor wanted help with planting bulbs and fall yard work, but once you have the research tiger by the tail, you do not let go. This prompted a somewhat snide comment that even if the Phactor retired he still keep doing the same things. Well, yeah. So in the great spirit of compromise, the Phactor did both.
For this time in October, things are still looking pretty green, although the maples have dropped lots of leaves without much color, the dual result of having had no frost as yet and the lingering effects of drought. Some color is now developing, but if not for the Asian anemones, there would not be much flower color around at all.
Round one of leaf clean up begins this week. It should be great fun. The kitchen garden is done except for bokchoi and lettuce. Something already ate the spinach.
While it is the cocktail hour, our work is not yet done; time to take the cat for a walk.

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