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Strange animal

You have no idea sometimes what strange beasts roam your domain. This one has yet to be identified what with 4 eyes in the middle and an undetermined number of appendages; 3 ears maybe; black with little while splotches here and there. And people wonder why they can't figure out what they're looking at with purported photos of big foot. This critter was shot at close range and the quarry was dead still, nearly lifeless, typical enough just after breakfast, performing a primary duty of guarding the furniture. Oh, no, it just divided! If this beast is capable of continued binary fission there won't be enough kibble, or couches, to go around.


Unknown said...

When they talk about two headed kittens, I don;t think this is QUITE what they have in mind! They are absolutely gorgeous - just out of curiosity, how far do they stretch from left to right when they do this?

Ciao, KK.

The Phytophactor said...

They take up a good 3.5 feet not counting all the tails.