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How dumb is too dumb?

The Phactor remembers telling a conservative colleague that no one dumber than Reagan could ever be elected president, and then along came "W", and now people are encouraging Texas Gov. Rick Perry to run for president, and as put by Bill Maher, he makes "W" look like the smart one. Apparently there is no bottom threshhold at least for a discouragingly large segment of our electorate. This whole crop of candidates is so depressingly bad, and that's why, even though quite opinionated, the Phactor generally stays away from blogging about politics. It gets me down. It ruins my day.


mr_subjunctive said...

I know exactly how you feel.

Angela said...

While the national political scene is so dreadful that I often think the only appropriate responses are screams and/or despair, I find your blog refreshingly political. Declaring that plants are important and celebrating the abundance of the earth, instead of focusing on oil production and lamenting horrible scarcity also seems, to me, a strong political statement. In this oh so frustrating world, all work that highlights knowledge and study and beauty seems a momentary punch in the face of ignorance and hierarchy. Thanks for your horticultural insights!

The Phytophactor said...

Aw, Angela K. says such nice things.