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I love the United States! (I'm just not going to protect it.)

Good old Mitt announced his intent to run by saying, "I love America." Who doesn't; they're great continents. This already shows so little understanding of the relationships of our country, the USA, to the citizens of other countries occupying this hemisphere (they get annoyed that we coopt America for our own) that you already know his foreign policy will be a disaster. Since Mitt and other GnOPers love this country, no question they will do anything to protect it, except look out for the environment. A GnOPe wish list has been compiled (by the NY Times) and you can see it and some comments over at Treehuggers. Warning: the short version is simple - give energy companies anything and everything they want, and ignore science, period. Sounds more like Mitt should have said, "I love corporate America, the rest of it just doesn't count." We know where you're coming from Mitt.

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