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Monsters under the bed

If you think monsters live under your bed or in your closet, it's hard to sleep. But when you stop believing in monsters under the bed, they just go away. And so it is with media monsters too. When you stop paying attention to them they just fade away. They feed on the attention, and when not fed, they become malnourished and thin. As this happens they appear even more transparent than usual such that you can see right though them. And thus perhaps as the public's political fascination with Sarah Palin dwindled, and as the media attention waned during the bus trip to no where for nothing, or the type of attention she wanted was not what she got, her cross country bus tour ended halfway through without even visiting politically important states. So unless the media begins running around and clapping and reporting her every move, poof goes Palin. A lot more media monsters would go poof too if only the media would wait for people they report on to actually do something important before paying them any attention.

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