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Comng soon - The world is flat

Any day now one of the GnOPe presidential candidates will declare the world flat, in accord with the Biblical views of their followers, and their minions will rush off to change Wikipedia entries that say "globe", "globalism", "globe", or "sphere". Apparently the present day conservative mind thinks they are entitled to their own facts, especially those facts that shore up conservative ideology, even if those facts were mere fictions, whereas facts laboriously gathered and documented that fail to support said ideologies are blithely discarded, ignored, or disparaged. So this is what GnOPe is coming to - a party of No-nothings, but ideologically pure.
GOP! GOP! Ignore the science; drink the tea!
Notice how it works both ways. This is a nice slogan for chanting at various gatherings, and since the Phactor holds the copyright, it can be bought for the right, far-right, price.

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Eric said...

I hear Jim Jones had a good tea recipe we could recommend to the GnOPes.