Field of Science

Like that's so groovy, man.

Here's a web site that will blow your mind; it's dedicated to psychoactives and that means it mostly deals with plants and fungi. Even though a child of the 60s the Phactor was not drawn to psychoactives having seen too many messed up people; the worst were a mess before dabbling in psychoactives and it only made them worse. The postings are extensive including quite accurate botany and history, some of which is very interesting. So turn on your lava lamp, light some incense, pour yourself a nice portion of whisky (yes, alcohol is a psychoactive depressant!) and settle down for some interesting reads. Far out, but no mention of the Fabulous Furry Freak brothers. Bummer. Never heard of them? Click over an play 'Feds and Heads'.


Matt DiLeo said...

That website was quite encyclopedic even 10 years ago. It's interesting the topics that first became well-documented on the internet... Another site like it that my pre-med roommate discovered at the time was a blog by some chemist who spent all his time synthesizing variations of MDMA and documenting their effects with absurd statements like "Took X dose of Y, was sicker than I've ever been for days, almost died. Doubled the dose two days later, had nice chat with Jesus." I'd be surprised if this other guy is still maintaing a site though.

The Phytophactor said...

Dude, you gotta have a passion to construct a site like that. This was a rediscovery on my part; my how it'd grown.

Eric said...

I had forgotten all about those FFF brothers. And not because of any lost brain cells, either. (Maybe just a couple of misplaced ones.) Now to explore the other site.