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Sri Lankan Dinner

Last night the Phactors and some friends received the payoff for purchasing a Sri Lankan dinner at a charity auction. Nothing like wonderfully aromatic and spicy food on a rather cold and surprisingly snowy night. Our hosts did a fantastic job of constructing an array of dishes that were a feast for both the eyes and mouth. This is one of the benefits of having been a Peace Corps volunteer; you can really absorb and appreciate the culture, and one of our hosts had become quite enamoured with their food much to our benefit. Sri Lankan food is similar to southern Indian food as you might expect, but nonetheless distinctive. The Phactor has traveled through both Kerala and Tamil Nadu and so knows his southern Indian food, and it was interesting to compare and contrast without getting too analytical. Food is probably the most interesting and in some respects easiest part of a culture in immerse yourself in. The most interesting dish at last night's dinner was a curry of boiled eggs. Who's up for a field trip? Here's a web site that can provide you with more information about Sri Lankan food.

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