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Drinking Safety Rules

Until you actually learn how to consume alcoholic beverages in true moderation, no drinking is really safe. A career long association with young adults gives the Phactor some perspective on the steepness of the learning curve, and when a college student sets out to "get drunk", that's one of the warning signs that they've got a problem. My Father was pragmatic to the core, and he liked good times and was no stranger to a drink now and again. His rule, before sending his 17 year old son off to college at a time when the legal drinking age was 18, was very simple. Don't drink anything that has a funny color or funny name! So this article on fancy spring break drinks just screams trouble. Several are clearly concoctions designed to pour alcohol into people who don't like the taste of real drinks. Actually our drinking was kept in check financially because who could afford fancy drinks? The delightful concoction pictured is called a fishbowl and breaks both rules at once. They used to be just filled with beer. Probably tastes like a blue jelly bean.

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