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BGR #37 Addendum

The Phactor has been having a problem of late with an over active spam filter. Must have that looked after one of these days. But as a result, a very nice submission, by a very nice person (Sally) was missed until after the carnival was posted, but it's such a nice link about such a nice little cycad that everyone deserves a follow up because who doesn't love cycads. And of course wish this had surfaced out of the junk mail folder before the cycad endangered species blog was posted yesterday.
As a note to BGR participants and to give credit where credit is due, visitor traffic the past two days at the Phytophactor jumped by over 50% so hope all are seeing more visits down the line, and so far Foothills Fancies is the BGR referral leader by almost a factor of 2 to 1 over No Seeds and the Accidental Botanist combined.

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