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Predictions for 2011 - Politics and politicians to remain dumb

Unlike more professional soothsayers, the Phactor likes predicting sure things, so in the coming year we may expect that our politicians and the politics they practice will not get any smarter. Although it will not bother me a whit when some of the dumbass political actions being foisted off on us as solutions when actually they are merely sound bites being prepared for the next round of elections which is as far as most of these near-sighted morons can see, end up biting some of these twits in the butt, but the troubling aspect of this is that politicians are exactly what the voting public makes them. So if our representatives act like ideological idiots it's because the voting public made them that way, and if we could wish for anything it would be more choices because too often the choice between dems and doze is nothing by a lesser of two evils.


mr_subjunctive said...

Have you seen some of those people? Pffft. We should be so lucky, to have politicians who will be content to merely remain dumb. (If we were really lucky, they'd be dumb in the other meaning of the word, but we could not possibly ever be that lucky.) My prediction is that not only will this Congress pioneer exciting new frontiers of stupidity on a previously unimaginable level, they'll incite (and possibly even mandate) stupidity in others.

If we had a functional media, of course, these people would be getting called out as the idiots they are. But we don't.

The Phytophactor said...

Ah, mr subjunctive is even a bigger cynic than moi. But perhaps the bar is set pretty low here in Lincolnland, not at low as in OKland, but pretty low.