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Monday Morning Musings

It's a Monday, Christmas is closing in and the Phactor has had no time for shopping, much to the distress of Mrs. Phactor and F1, and this is what you do while waiting for the appliance repair guy. In the good news area all the grading is completed and the grades submitted; there should be few complaints, although 'tis the season for wishful thinking even though when you do below average work for an entire semester, you really have to expect a below average grade even if you are a senior who expects to graduate. Life can be like that. Hmm, that slipped unexpectedly back into the negative. On the positive side the oven's sudden decision to go on strike only slightly inconvenienced a meeting of our dinner club at Chez Phactor and the menu was oh so good (champignons farcis duxelles, potage de potiron et poire, poulet avec la sauce creme a roquefort, pommes de terre de pesto avec les haricots verts, clafouti de poire avec la chaux et le miel, and a couple of very good French wines, and for a total of about $17/person!) so who can find anything to complain about in that? Tried a new cookie recipe (bloody oven was working fine then!), a nice crispy wafer loaded with chopped dried cranberries and pistachios, which fit in so well with the red-green holiday theme we have been exploring of late, and why not have one with this 2nd cup of latte? So let's indulge in a bit of attitude improvement before finding out that the oven is toast and the Christmas dinner menu is up the spount and my please Santa list must be revised to include a new stove.

This is terribly clever, and you have to admire people this creative. "Let it dough" is sure to make you smile. HT to Uncertain Principles.
Simon's Cat U-tube videos always make me laugh, probably because our kitty-girls have all of the behaviors portrayed with such economy of line and humor. Here's Simon's latest: "Santa Claws".


Laura said...

hello!!! i´m from spain!! I really like your blog!
If you want you can go:

Unknown said...

happy christmas .. btw cool blog .. i love it. there are only few blogs on biology. keep it up dude :)


The Phytophactor said...

How nice to have such attractive, at least in Laura's case, young readers! It makes me rethink plans for a botanical geek tour to Barcelona. And while appreciative of yoru interest, it is with regret that you must understand that the Phactor is in no way, shape, or form a "dude" (typically referring to a well-dressed youngish male who has never lived outside of a city), so unless you count Hawaiian shirts and Panama hats as well dressed, and well, who would argue with that, no one around here even remotely qualifies.