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Christmas Trees are Green - Well, Duh.

This article confirms what seems obvious to the Phactor, real, live Christmas trees are greener, easier on the environment than artificial trees. The part that was obvious is that growing conifer trees is a sustainable form of agriculture that provides year around habitat for wildlife. Nobody is cutting down a forest to get Christmas trees. In our city at the end of the season, trees are shreaded into mulch for the ultimate in recycling. While artificial trees can actually look pretty life-like, something about their ultrasymmetry bothers my sense of the asethetic; perfect symmetry just isn't natural. And of course artificial trees just don't smell right, and as mentioned just a few blogs ago, none of this matters to Mrs. Phactor, who wants her fir tree no matter what. Now the only problem is getting enough time to decorate the tree during this busy end-of-the-semester and holiday, two uncomplimentary activities, season.

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