Field of Science

Summer-Autumn transition

Seasons are supposed to transition from one to the other, and the calendar simply marks the solstices and equinoxes, dates based upon the tilted Earth's position in its annual circuit. But this year, our weather seems to have taken the autumnal equinox literally. The last day of summer, a day for some lingering field work, nearly set a high temperature record for that day, a day hot and muggy enough to do July proud. Then zam, pow, autumn arrives over night as a high pressure system pushes into the area dropping the day's high and low temperature by more than 20 degrees (F). Just like that you go from ceiling fans to cats on the bed. Just like that we go from baseball to football, oh, wait, no, it seems baseball is lingering, slowing dying upon its vine like a squash that didn't quite make it to maturity, and football launched itself prematurely showing that it has no respect for season or tradition. At least the weather is improved.

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