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Garden Flowering Log - August 2010

Summers always end the same way in Lincolnland, hot and dry. Although a quite a few things begin flowering during this time period on the prairies, not many of them are part of my gardens (too shady). Several plants began flowering during the first 8 days of August, but since we observers were out east, no one knows the order or precise day. Only 9 new plants began flowering in August, which brings the year's garden total to 261, quite respectable, but not the 300 Mrs. Phactor had hoped for.
August 1-8: Fragrant hostas, Waxbells, Ligularia (2 var.), Pink Obediant Plant (Physostegia), Wingstem (a native - Verbesina alternifolia)
August 21: Bottle Gentian (actually it's hard to know when this plant is in flower because the corolla lobes never really open after the buds reach full size, but since it is receptive to pollen and can disperse pollen, it's technically "in flower" even if the flower doesn't open. Bumblebees have to force their way in.).
August 22: Late small-leafed hostas.
August 27: Wood aster.
August 29: Lily turf.

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