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Nasty infuriating little things!

It's always those little things in life that are so infuriating, and in this case it's those little stickers they put on the side of fruit. Given the waxy cuticle on many fruits, you have to be pretty impressed that these stickers stay put so well. Nothing short of cutting a chunk out of the side of the fruit will remove those nasty stickers, and it makes you wonder about all the other things you want stuck somewhere that always fall off. So is this the inverse law of the universe? Anything you want unstuck is on there for life, and anything you want to stay in place you can't stick in place no matter what you try. Is this some kind of facultative adhesive? Depending upon the opposite of your desires, it either sticks forever or immediately comes undone. And for educational reasons, the Phactor found himself fighting with dozens of these nasty things upon a great diversity of fruits, and thus my ire surfaces. Next shall we consider all those pins in new shirts or labels sewn onto new slacks.

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