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Such an eerie light. Is it a UFO?

One of my great disappointments is the total lack of paranormal experiences in my life, and it's not for lack of being observant, but perhaps from the lack of expectations. No question, the Phactor has had his share of crazy, confusing, and quite other worldly experiences, in some quite unusual places, yet all have ultimately had quite mundane explanations. And it always seems disappointing how few credible witnesses, real critical observers, have ever reported seeing something really unidentified. One "what the hell" experience was to suddenly see weird green glows shimmering upon the ocean; no sound, no rapid movements, just eerie mad scientist green glows slowing shifting around. Pretty neat stuff, and no idea what they were. Herb and Gladys driving home in their late model pickup truck from their weekly visit to town might well have thought they were seeing UFOs hovering above the water. In this instance a telephoto lens helped resolve one of the nearer green glows a bit and resulted in this image. So what do you think we got going on here? Extra points for guessing the location.


Anonymous said...

A fisherman, trying to attract light-sensitive fishes. In the Mediterranean this technique is called "lampara"

The Phytophactor said...

Finally! A winner, and one with an interesting web page too. Go have a look.