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Garden Flowering Log - September

No question that as the days get shorter and the nights cooler (still haven't had two cats on the bed temps), the gardening season is winding down and it doesn't look like the Phactors' gardens are quite going to make the 300 plants flowered threshold that Mrs. Phactor had so hoped for. September flowering has added another 12 plants bringing the total plants flowering to 273 for the season, and that doesn't count the orchid and non-hardy azalea that flowered while hanging outside, which while perennials would be pretty cheaty because they aren't garden plants.
Sept 2 - Fall Clematis
Sept 4 - Porcelain Vine
Sept 5 - Japanese anemone
Sept 9 - Fall sedum
Sept 10 - Wood aster, Turtlehead
Sept 11 - Plumose goldenrod
Sept 16 - Showy goldenrod
Sept 18 - New England aster, Toadlily
Sept 20 - Late white Joe Pyeweed
Sept 22 - Lady in Black aster

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