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Little minds focus on smallest details

A small article caught TPP's attention. The WH via the Dept of the Interior has rescinded an Obama era ban on plastic water bottle in National Parks.  The Phactors were looking to buy a bottle of water for a hike, an over sight for certain, but none were for sale, although very nice souvenir aluminium bottles were available as was a filling station, so we were good, and mildly impressed that our National Parks were so forward thinking.  And not a single discarded water bottle was seen on any of the many trails we walked.  But now that rule has been rescinded.  It takes really small minds to focus on the smallest details.  How petty can you get?  Any bottled water CEOs involved?  No question this will help make our country great again.  Thanks, to the WaPo and Treehugger. Sounds like time to write the Secretary of the Interior.  

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