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Blow & NYT nails it!

My efforts to try and understand our POTUS have been very depressing, but when I read a commentary where someone really nails it in terms of understanding the man and what makes him tick, it resonates very  well with my limited understanding.  It isn't encouraging, but what is right now?  Too bad the US doesn't use whinging.  Makes you ask, "Who's got the cheese?", because we got the whine.


The Phytophactor said...

A good buddy sent along a link
to an article attempting to figure out what connects T-rump's strong supporters to him. It's a regular cottage industry trying to figure this guy out.

Anonymous said...

Stick to the natural world......please, no politics.

The Phytophactor said...

Sorry hard to ignore what's going on & blogging is a means of blowing off steam & not going crazy. Don't expect everyone to agree with my perspective.