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Friday Fabulous Flower - A garden champion

For the past two to three weeks this striking plant has been dominating a portion of Mrs. Phactor's perennial garden, Silene regia, a fire-pink, a catch-fly, a champion, take your pick.  TPP has done a similar species for a FFF before, but it's a much smaller plant (at least in our gardens) and a somewhat smaller flower.  This species is also covered (especially the calyx) with sticky glandular hairs that surprise people reaching to take a closer look.  The more non-discerning visitors have also refered to this as a "cardinal flower", but generally this common name refers to a Lobelia cardinalis, although this is certainly red, and not pink, a reference to the family not the color. As just mentioned it's been a good year for butterflies, although this is a bit more of a hummingbird flower. OK, OK, it's only Thursday, but TTP has time to do this post now.

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