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Friday Fabulous Flower - It's red, really red.

This is usually not the type of plant TPP grows, mostly.  It's common in more tropical climes, it's an annual, but seeds itself in fairly easily.  But it attracts hummingbirds!  OK even a rocket scientist could probably tell a botanist that this is a morning glory.  Trumpet shaped flower on a twining vine.  It has a number of common names, but TPP has heard it called cypress vine, cardinal flower, and cardinal creeper mostly.  Cardinal flower is out because red lobelia is called that.  Cypress?  Don't see the connection, but there you go.  This is Ipomea quamoclit, the same genus as sweet protato, which you may not have known was a morning glory.  This vine doesn't have huge flowers, about an inch across, but they definitely are red, and who doesn't want more hummingbirds.  Our friends in OK gave up on feeders and grow this vine instead. The highly dissected leaves have always seemed rather interesting too. So fix up something 6-8 feet tall for it to climb on and grow this little vine. It's for the birds, hmm.

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