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Political debates excitement

Political debates in general are as exciting as watching grass grow.  This seasons VP debate was pretty much certain to be a yawner, and it did not disappoint.  TPP learned nothing new and was not impressed.  Even with net searches on high speed so that people can get a truthiness score, it was not an impressive match, although Kaine did managed to tell the truth over twice as often as Pence, the truth still go abused pretty badly. Glad neither is from Lincolnland.  Yes, Indyrama is nearby, but that state, the good people who brought us the John Birch Society, seems to have a great affinity for the good ole days and any politician who id intent of dragging us back there. The sort of fellow who likes coal better than clean air or an unchanged climate. A fellow who would happily enforce his religious preferences upon everyone else in the name of religious freedom. So if T-rump is out to make this country great again, because trust him, he will, then this is the guy who will be running the USA to keep us safe from women, minorities, immigrants, Putin, ethnic food, clean air, and bears, the latter being a huge problem.  
Of course, it's hard to say we have better pols than our neighbors because here in Lincolnland, 500 permits are being issued for killing bobcats, which are just beginning to have a healthy population again. This is just so sad, and it is being done with no scientific study at all; let's just guess how many can be killed and how long it will take to put the species back in the endangered category.  Since we clearly need more bobcats and less politicians can anyone suggest a solution?  
OK what to do now?  Well, so as not to become too depressed, TPP is going to mow his lawn.  

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