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I'm back!

OK you probably didn't realize TPP was gone, but he just gave his old laptop its last rites so this little missive comes via a brand spankin' new laptop literally turned on just 20 mins ago, and already out comes a blog!  This certainly isn't the old days (300 baud dial up modems!!).  Actually this is such a pain in the ass.  All the stupid stuff that has to be remembered (a real problem) and entered so that this new internet assistant can actually assist.  Even with real good data backup switching to a new laptop is such a pain.  But this isn't our first rodeo so eventually this will be the old reliable. It's sort of nice to have a bigger, faster laptop, one where to time the bootup in seconds rather than minutes, one that charges in minutes rather than hours, one that weighs in ounces rather than in pounds, one that measures memory in GB rather than MB.  
Unfortunately it won't help TPP's writing or thinking, and it does not bode well that the first image to appear upon connecting to the internet was doubly annoying as it was T-rump! Shows you that new technology cannot really make things better, that still takes people.  And in closing, TPP wants to know what in blue hell a die-hard T-rump supporter  is thinking when he says that an elite like Hillary wouldn't know what it's like to have to hunt to put meat on the table.  Do you think T-rump hunted squirrels in Central Park?  He's always been a filthy rich New Yorker!  Who knows what age he was when he learned what a tree was or where milk actually came from.  He still may not know.  What a con job his campaign is! 

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