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Is something strange going on?

WTF is going on?  Has T-rump forgotten that he is running for a political office? The only issues that see to be on his mind are (1) how to blame someone else for his electoral failure and (2) how to deny all the allegations of misconduct toward women.  His wonderfulness is so wonderful that clearly if he loses it's because the system was rigged against him. And since he has denied any misconduct, then all these women must be liars to be discredited in sundry ways. Since T-rump can think of nothing else, how does this bear on his fitness for functioning as a leader of this country and the free world?  Simple, he is incapable of doing any such thing.  Yesterday TPP observed a local state GnOPe representative walking down the sidewalk toward his local campaign office, mostly harmless, probably after leaving a breakfast meeting. For this particular office he is a decent enough sort, but he was not looking very happy. How could he with his party's candidate unraveling before the country's (world's) eyes?  It serves them right because as we all know the monster always kills its creator in the end. Glad this weirdness will only be lasting another 3 weeks, unless the unthinkable happens!  Oh, the horror of that thought!

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