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Election? What election?

For the first time since the conventions, T-rump did not appear on the front page of our newspapers or in news feeds here in Lincolnland, and it's because something more important and more Earth-shattering is taking place. And since everyone is suffering from election fatigue anyways (I sort of admire how the candidates manage to keep plugging along.), it's good to have a distraction. The Chi-town Cubs are in the World Series (something most of the World doesn't know or care about) for the first time in 71 years. Interested parties will have to look up the billy goat curse themselves.  The only sad thing is that the Cubs will be playing the Cleveland Indians, a team almost as long suffering and forlorn as the Cubs.  Everyone is pretty excited and it gave the college students a good excuse to raise a ruckus on a Saturday night.  Unfortunately it's only a 7 game series, so the baseball season will be over before the election, but still it's a relief to have a distraction even should the other guys win, an unthinkable outcome, and hopefully more likely than another unthinkable outcome. 

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